...the only limit is your imagination  

Each EscapeSpace design is beautifully hand crafted, small yet spacious, and will enhance and blend in with the natural setting of wherever it is placed. Put it in the backyard, in a garden, near an ocean or lake or in the mountains…


The only limit is your imagination.  

This is not a kit, this is a finished, portable building to fit your needs.  Normal set up time is  usually under a few hours and you are ready to go.

...Most importantly

Our portable buildings are built from environmentally sensitive, high-end materials and craftsmanship is everywhere. You can even have a solar energy system with back-up power so if grid power is out, no problem, the lights stay on. 

We make it easy so each EscapeSpace comes complete eliminating most installation hassles - just set and play.


No construction workers, long delays and unnecessary frustration.  

And you can have your EscapeSpace the way you want it, from just a shell to fully decked out.